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Will an MRI Detect Ankylosing Spondylitis?

I was told I had AS. I have the same symptoms. But the doctor did the blood test for HLA-B27 and it came back negative. Others have told me not to put a lot of stock in the blood test because a lot of people have AS that test negative. I can’t get in to see a rheumatologist until February. The orthopedic doctor has me scheduled for an MRI on my upper back and neck Monday. Will an MRI detect it? Will an orthopedic doctor recognize it?

Community Answers
  • Lawrence "Rick" Phillips moderator
    2 months ago

    according to WebMD: an MRI can be one tool to diagnose AS. It is not always necessary to use this tool however. This is the link I referred to:

    I hope that helps.

    rick – moderator

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