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Roller coaster flare ride

Hello 👋
It’s my first post here, I am a shy person lol. AS made me go away from everyone; I feel like in a shell 🐚 which is difficult for me to express myself and socialize. My doctor told me to join the community and here I am, trying my best. I was diagnosed in 2014. I need help with some symptoms.

I feel like in a Roller coaster 🎢 flare ride. Bone pain, nerve pinched, no flexibility, pain insomnia, purpura and so on…. But skin flares are the winner of the month. I can’t control my rosacea, hives and psoriasis.
I think is the food, something that I am eating but not sure; any suggestions?

Ps: I am Latina, English is not my first lenguaje so writing is kind of hard. ☺️

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