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What helps you through a flare up?

What do you do to help yourself during a flare up? Rest and heat are my best friends during a flare.

  1. I usually complain a lot and demand Sheryl brings me things. 😀 Yeah, it does not work 😀.

    1. I love this Rick! Hope you and Sheryl are keeping well. Ali (Community Member)

  2. Resting is definitely my number one tactic, I try to give my body the break it needs to sort itself out! I also have a lot of pain creams that I put on the affected areas that usually smell nice too which helps me relax. I have also dabbled with a few traditional Chinese medicines like Moxibustion when I am feeling fancy!

    1. hi I’m new here. I notice you have this on your foot, do you have pain in your foot? My husband has AS and now suspected bamboo spine and does have trouble with his foot. Tries to keep as active as he can but it’s difficult at times. TYIA

    2. Hi ,

      Welcome to the community, glad you found us!

      Yes I also have issues with my feet and legs in general to be honest. I actually have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well which affects this area but having two conditions makes it a little confusing as to which one is causing these issues for me!

      Sorry to hear that your husband is experiencing these troubles, is it inflammation in his foot or is it more pain and stiffness that he gets?

      Wishing you well,
      James (Community Member)

  3. Alternate rest and heat with gentle walking if possible at the time. I read a lot and it help me to distract myself. I talk to my animals and plants. If I can get one of my two cats to sit with me it’s good. I’ve been an ongoing series of flares r/t major life stressors. So I’ve requested PT order from Dr which helps a great deal usually.

    1. hot tub and resting on bed

      1. Yes i love being in warm water. I wish I can have my own hot tub. I would be in it all the time. How are you feeling today?

        Nicky (Team member)

      2. sorry it took me a minute to get back to you. I’m doing better. Thanks!

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