I Use Two Canes When Skiing

I've spent years being misdiagnosed, and now years trying to find a way to afford the medications that are supposed to slow the progression of my disease.

I am at the point where I use a cane to walk when I can and a wheelchair when I can't.

I have snow skied since I was 18 months old, and I fight to get up on the mountain for at least one trip a year. Still.

AS won't take that from me

This disease doesn't get to take that yet.

My husband worries every time I go but understands my need to keep this one thing.

My favorite argument when he reminds me that I can't even walk without a cane anymore..."But honey, when I'm skiing I have 2 canes'(my ski poles)."

He is never amused, but it's my rebellion against all the other things this disease has taken from me.

So here's to skiing with two canes.

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