Trying Different Treatments for Ankylosing Spondylitis

At age 50, I had hand pain, back pain, and swelling and was told I had rheumatoid arthritis, w/o testing.

Methotrexate was a drug that Dr. prescribed.

After a year and a recent lab test, I was told to quit methotrexate, and if I turned yellow to go to the hospital, because of possible liver issues.

Enbrel, then Cosentyx

My treatment was changed to Enbrel after an MRI showed hip fissures and an AS diagnosis.

Life was good for almost two years. Then I woke up one day to toe to nose psoriasis, pus pockets, and splitting skin.

Then, I started Cosentyx.

It cleared my skin but nothing for my AS in my back and hips.

Now Taltz, then back to Cosentyx

Then, last on the list "Taltz".

I only took it for 3 months since it gave me chest pain and breathing difficulty.

So now, at 60, I'm on Cosentyx because something is better than nothing.

I take 5, 15 mg morphine pills and a 5 mg valium to deal with life.

Learning to enjoy the songs of birds

Learning that sleep is impossible, no longer can work, disappointed with rheumatologists, and mental health is stretched.

I have learned to enjoy the early morning quiet and peaceful songs of birds.

I try to push my boundaries because I can't sit and do nothing.

Owning my disease

Family won't understand no matter how hard you try explaining, and my friends won't be coming around since I am of no value to anyone any longer.

So, first, you have to own your disease and come to terms with it, then hope every day just to get by.

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