Terrible Pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis

I am a 51 yr old female. My whole life has been turned upside from this!

Not only do I suffer regularly and stay depressed but I lost my career, have become somewhat of a “hermit”, and most doctors are clueless of what this disease does 😭

This along with a benign inoperable meningioma and fibromyalgia have me on a heat pad recliner or sofa (if not bedridden) daily.

Ankylosing spondylitis changed me

I never thought me, the country girl, would be like this.

I loved to hunt, fish, camp, ride ATV's and horses...anything outdoors with my family.

I can no longer enjoy these things and I feel as if I let my family especially my grandchildren down when I cannot run and play with them.

I had 3 children naturally and the pain I am going through makes that seem like a cakewalk.

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone 😭😭😭

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