Learning to Slow Down with Ankylosing Spondylitis

For once, I haven't had constant flares, I think it has to do w/ my left hip replacement in July of this year. I thought, "Hey, I could probably do more now since I have more energy and less pain."

Pushing my body to the limit

I decided yesterday to do some lawn work using the edger we have. One side of the house was looking more and more like a jungle and it used to take me maybe an hour to do the whole thing.

So here I am, clipping the little trees that started growing against the house, entwining into the wires that are there. Very dangerous. So, I have 3 different pairs of clippers or shears to get at the root of these little trees.

Problem - My hands are still stiff and hurt when I squeeze anything like scissors or shears, and the roots by this time, since it's been two years that anyone did any lawn work, were so thick. I was using all my strength, twisting, placing my knees on the ends and trying to cut through them.

Working through the pain

Hahahaha...the only thing I got were scrapes, cuts, things poking me in the eyes and my knees now feeling as if a mallet is being slammed into them.

Yup, I'm stubborn. I did NOT want to give up.

But, I'm slowly learning I just can't do things exactly how I used to without causing more damage and pain.

So, today I had P.T for my hip and explained why my knees looked like swollen balloons, and why I had scratches and cuts all up and down my arms.

The P.T. said, "So what did you learn from those three hours of stubborness?"

Learning to slow down with ankylosing spondylitis

I said, "Well, I need to take things slower, do a little at a time and get new knees." lol At least I got him to laugh.

Now, to put more ice on my knees, lol. Have a good night all!!

And learn to slow down, we can't always do it all in one day!!

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