My Battle with Ankylosing Spondylitis

I have been fighting this since I was very young and was diagnosed at age 18.

The start was lower back stiffness and pain upon waking. The stiffness and pain would get better with hot shower and movement.

Over the years it has moved to my SI joint, hips, shoulders and feet.

I have been on NSAID and narcotic pain medication for too many years to count. They help short term and that is it.

I work 45 hours a week and without them, I would be on disability.

Severe pain and fatigue from AS

After work, I am crippled by the pain. Add a flare and then I am exhausted, in severe severe pain and cranky.

I used to love long walks now I am happy to make it into the house after work.

I am 48 years old and feel in my 70s.

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