Still Not Over

I was diagnosed by a doctor in 2017 but was never given the proper information or referred to a rheumatologist. Shortly after that, she left the practice and it was forgotten because I didn't understand what it meant and that AS was the source of the pain. I didn't follow through either.

No record of my diagnosis

About a year ago now, my pain is much worse and my mobility and breathing have suffered. I start to read about AS and am blown away by how right that doctor was and I am a bit relieved to know what's going on. I called the doctor to set up an appointment but they're busy for months. I ask for the medicines the original diagnosing doctor had given me and THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF MY DIAGNOSIS.

My father had AS

I investigated further and asked my paternal aunt about AS. She informs me, "Oh honey, your dad has that." No one told me! My dad and several of his paternal aunts have/had AS, this cements it for me.

I am still trying to get the diagnosis again and get help but now there is a pandemic!

haha, ridiculous.

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