A Long Time But Finally Got a Diagnosis!

I am 22 years old and I’ve had back pain for around 6 years, which has got significantly worse over the last 8months - where I have more bad days than good!

Grieving over my previous self

I finally received confirmation of AS last month when I had the results of an MRI. I felt relieved although I am grieving over my previous state. I was an active cheerleader and gymnast for many years, I could do 10 backflips in a row, however now I can barely get myself out of bed.

I’m hoping I can have a different kind of treatment once the coronavirus is over, as anti-inflammatories just aren’t working anymore!

Feeling judged by doctors

I always felt embarrassed going to the doctors for my back pain, by the time I had made an appointment and been seen, my flare had settled and I always felt like they thought I was lying!

A lot of doctors didn’t take me seriously because of my age, I’m sure one of them said, “oh you won’t have arthritis." It was a long road, however, I kept on until I had answers and here I am now with my diagnosis!

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