The pain is too much, I can’t live like this no more. No one can help, doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong, bridge jumping time, bye...

Who remembers saying that? lol I sure do.

I was completely undiagnosed until I was about 50 having surgery on my neck, it’s fused now with a rod holding cervical spine in a proper curvature. Also fused at L4 to S1.

It started in my shoulders

This disease started in my shoulders, bursitis they said lol. My knees hurt so bad, my whole body aches.

It started at about 18 years old, I’m 57 now. The doctors were wrong, I’m not dead yet and I can still walk.

I’ve done all the medicine the doctors give you, they didn’t work or did but the side effects were disastrous.

Managing my pain

I started smoking cannabis when I was young and never understood why my friends would get all silly and stuff and I didn’t.

I found in my search for relief cannabis sativa is the answer and no smoking required lol.

For real cannabis I put into oil will give up the THCA - no high no head effect and relieves pain real well. But I have depression and PTSD, as well, so I add heat and activate the THC

Works well but no cure, the pain is still around but it makes it doable

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