AS Is No Joke

I have experienced lower back and hip pain since my teens. We (parents and I) figured it might have something to do with falling down cement steps when I was 15 and broke my pelvis, lugging 4 brothers and sisters around, and working warehouse jobs. Who knows what caused it.

By the time I was RX in 2001, I had been living with lower back pain for 26 years, steadily getting worse. Finally, a rheumatologist found and diagnosed it. I also have fibro and arthritis from the bottom of my neck down.

If you want to play, you have to pay

I have tried biologics and can't afford them now. Can't take NSAIDs. I have taken so many that to quote my gastro my stomach looks like chopped liver. I still try to stay as active as possible. Swimming is one of the best reliefs.

If I make plans to do something, like ride long ways or go family function, the next couple of days I do nothing because I know I will pay. You know you play you have to pay. LOL

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