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I was only diagnosed a few months ago but it seems like the pain is setting in so fast and the tramadol’s really not working.

For the past three days, I’ve hardly been able to move and I’m getting ready to see a rheumatologist.

Difficulty getting pain meds

My insurance company has been wanting verification of my taking the tramadol and why the doctor is giving it to me every month now.

It’s a shame that we have difficulty getting pain meds now because of the crisis in our country.

My neck has been so bad, I feel like I should have a neck brace on.

Life with AS is hard

I’ve been using the heating pad across the top of my back laying still, trying to take it easy but it’s really not working.

I just turned 59 the other day and didn’t realize I would feel this old at this age since my mother is 81 and hardly has any aches and pains.

I’m finding it difficult to adjust to this illness.

How can you just lay around and do nothing every day this is horrible.

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