Need Relief

I am 49 years old, going on 50 soon. I have had back and neck pain for years. I started to notice it after I had a major brain surgery in 2000.

The surgery lasted about 11 hours. After that I started having migraine headaches a lot. I guess my neck was aggravated during surgery. Have went to chiropractor for years after that, just to get temporary relief.

Pain and discomfort

Finally, I had a single layer discectomy and fusion of my c6 and c7 vertebrae. Helped migraines, but still a lot of trouble. I still have bulging disc in my neck and upper back. Arm numbness and tingling . A lot of pain and discomfort. Especially in morning and when I get home from standing at work a lot.

I have trouble with taking deep breaths, and for the longest time I though I had heart trouble. I have a bad case of Kyphosis. Grandmother had it, my mother had it, I have it, and even my 21 year old daughter has it. I was diagnosed, tentatively, with AS about a year ago. Doctor that did my fusion said no more chiropractor.

Hoping for change

So, I have been living with it. I have went to my first appointment with a rheumatologist a few weeks ago. He said I have Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis “DISH”. He put me on some pain meds.

I have a follow up in 3 weeks. Hopefully he will do something else.

I am calling this week to see if we can do appointment earlier. I am just too uncomfortable. Can’t sit still, but can’t move too much. I need relief.

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