Learning to Listen to My Body

In the Fall of 2015, my ankylosing spondylitis symptoms began. I still remember moving to a new apartment, starting a career, joining a new college, and planning my first unaccompanied trip.

What is this pain?

So, when my back pain started I thought, "Maybe, I’m putting a lot on my plate", but the pain is there every time I wake up, every time I carry my books to class, every step of the way. Getting out of my car, walking half of a street, or getting dress were some of my greatest accomplishments in that year.

Ankylosiong spondylitis and uveitis

These were disconcerted times, but not like the Fall of 2018 when I had uveitis. The pain started again, but this time was my right eye burning and it felt like I was going to die. I remember crying in a dark room because I couldn’t stop the pain.

Also, I cried because people thought the reason for my pain was stress.

Finding community,spreading the word, and slowing down

The truth is I wasn’t expecting that both pains were connected, but I knew something was wrong.
After 4 years of pain, which is not that bad compared to others here, I got my diagnose.

I have read a lot about it and found a community that supports you in your journey. More important, I have learned to listen to my body, ask for help, and spread the word.

As for slowing down, I’m trying.

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