I Love Memory Foam

Yes. I truly loved the day I discovered memory foam.

My AS diagnosis was no surprise

It was years ago, however, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was at the time that I realized that there was a plot to put rocks in my mattress. I have never been able to put into words the pain associated with sitting or laying on anything hard. Only hard to me, so it seems.

My AS was not diagnosed until I was 60 years old. I can remember finding the diagnosis on the computer when I was 40, having already suffered from the pain for a good 10 years. And the diagnosis at age 60 was by accident after neck surgery. The doctor said “Do you know you have a rare form of AS?” My reply was “Yes, I know that, but not one of the plethora of doctors, chiropractors, or physical therapist I've seen have known that. I self-diagnosed.”

My well-intended friend's "words of wisdom"

So, here I am trying to figure out how to glue a memory foam cut out of my body to my backside. Yes! brilliant! I know! I am not a complainer but I have developed a blank stare when the words of “wisdom” pass by my ears by a well-intended friend. It is a sentence that starts with “have you tried...” In my head, I say sarcastically “NO. I HAVEN'T TRIED A THING. I LIKE THIS KIND OF EXCRUCIATING PAIN.” Of course, I am not outwardly mean so I keep those comments to myself.

But I have other loves in my life besides memory foam. My chair. I love my chair. Why is it I can sit for 12 hours and not be in pain? So, the next question is “when I die from the blood clot that will kill me from not moving, will it hurt?” Answer: probably not as much. So the problem would be...? I embrace all of you who have this pain. I know there are worse things but why would I think about that?

A healthy sense of humor

Then, I have two things to feel bad about. I cling tightly to my sense of humor as that gets me through much of my life. I live in a home with a cement floor. Senior housing with cement floors under the 1/16th inch carpet. It really enhances the pain.

So, was I discouraged when I almost had to end my love affair with memory foam. I bought a pair of memory foam slippers. I was not aware that memory foam slippers can get dementia because those slippers have forgotten to spring back. There is a weight limit to walking on memory foam. I won't say what that is but I like Oreos. So crocs it is. You can’t kill a croc.

So, in closing, let me say I hope you have had a giggle or two. I do believe laughter is good medicine. If it were the best then I could get out of this chair. So, we know it isn’t all it is cracked up to be, but nonetheless serves a purpose. May your pain be a little less severe today.

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