It All Started When I Was Pregnant

Good afternoon!

So...hmmmm, my story. Wherever do I begin?

To hell and back

My current pain management Dr states that, most likely, this all started when I was pregnant back in 1996 with my first child. I had HORRIFIC back labor for hours upon hours! My son was lying right on the nerve in my spine for a very long time. Nine weeks later, I ended up in the ER partially paralyzed, temporarily thank God, with a herniated disc. Three days later, I had a spinal discectomy, L4 & L5. Afterward, I felt like a child in physical therapy. For 6-weeks, I had to learn how to raise my legs, walk, and learn simple things kids learn at a really young age.

Well, that was almost 24 years ago. I've lived with this back pain ever since, and let me tell you, I've been to hell and back. Currently, my latest MRI shows no disc space between my 2 vertebrae. Degenerative disc disease. Pretty much bone on bone. I just turned 53, and I feel 75! I Ieft my previous desk job in May, 2018, because sitting at a desk was debilitating. It's as if I felt like my spine was being crushed. It's all I've ever done since I was 18 years old...accounting work.

Disbility and injuries

I finally filed for disability back in October of 2019. I tried to go to school to become a CNA to no avail. I passed the classroom part and even did my clinical at a local nursing home, but couldn't continue. I would always leave there in tears! I am awaiting my hearing date with a judge. God only knows when that will be. I was denied 3 times!!!

Last year, August 18, 2019, I fell and broke both ankles. I then re-injured my right ankle this past February because our landlord had not shoveled for the 2nd time. The snow was blowing and drifting a foot high and I needed to go out. The ground is not level, and sure enough, I rolled my ankle! 🤬🤬🤬 I didn't mention this. But, I also take care of my elderly mother who is almost 89!

Nothing seems to work for me

Surgery to repair my torn ligament is at the end of this month. My pain management Dr is going to be placing a spinal stimulator via my tailbone that involves a wire that will stick out, a remote control, and a daily phone call from whatever company they choose to make any necessary adjustments on their end. It's all new to me. This is supposed to happen in early September.

My rheumatologist had me on Humira, then Cosentyx, and now, he's switching me to infusion. Nothing is working. Why??? I'm unable to stand without my legs trembling uncontrollably, but leaning forward helps it feel better.

Not the story I wanted

I am going to be hunched over someday.

This breaks my heart. Sitting for longer than 10 minutes makes the back of my legs feel like I have rods in each of them. I have to get up constantly!

I can't win.

You wanted a story? You got a story!! Here ya go. God bless each one of you going through this mess.

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