61 Year Old Female with Ankylosing Spondylitis

I was diagnosed 2 years ago after suffering from a back ache. I take meds for it but they do not always help.

The pain goes from the middle of my back down my butt and the sides of my legs.

Sometimes I fall to the floor from the pain and lose the ability to stay on my feet.

A wonderful husband

I have several autoimmune illnesses that do not help. I have been suffering from different things for 18 years and it just gets worse.

I have a wonderful husband who helps me and picks up most of the housework. He is a veteran who served in desert storm and has TBI and PTSD.

He struggles himself but works hard to make sure I have what I need and am comfortable.

AnkylosingSpondylitis.net Flare Care Giveaway Entry*

This spa pkg giveaway is something I would love to have.

I have heard great things about weighted blankets. I suffer from sleep probs and anxiety and hear they are great for that too. I am always cold, I do not have an electric blanket and I would love to have one.

Good Luck to all who enter this contest! I would love to win this contest! Thank You.

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