Feelings Of a Locked Back

I look back and value the days of my youth when I took my healthy back for granted.I was told by a referring specialist I had spondylitis of the back.Since being told this it has really impacted my life.I find it difficult to walk up more than 7 steps at a time.Lifting things,even groceries can be a challenge.

Dealing with the pain

I am grateful for pain medication because without it my days would be hard.I use pain patches,creams and injections to ease the pain.I love writing and being on my computer.However after sitting in one spot for a extended period of time my back actually locks up.This is when it is difficult for me to move my back for a while.Eventually it will loosen up and unlock itself.There are so many things that I use to do but I am unable to do now because of the spondylitis.

Enjoying a good day

I appreciate a pain free day due to the fact they are far and in between.I enjoy walking and I walk on my good days.I love the good days because I wear a back brace which is very uncomfortable but it helps my back.I love driving on a good day,There have been times when my back has locked up while out and about.I will go somewhere and sit down until the excruiating pain subsides.I realize now that it is wonderful to live pain free and enjoy things in life without the disease.

Taking one day at a time

I have learned to take each day with a grain of salt.I count my blessings and do what I can.I continue to keep my Drs. appointments,take my medications and be happy.I meditate and have my quiet moments.This has really helped me in dealing with this disease.This would be my feelings of a locked back,when it stops you in your tracks from your daily activities.
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