Family Affair!

I watched my grandmother and mom suffering from fatigue, Dr visits, meds and chronic pain for many years.

Thirty years ago it started on me....fatigue, multiple different Drs, MRIs, meds, shots, all as a single parent with a type 1 brittle diabetic at 3 yrs old.

My health always had to take a back burner.

My son now has had a pacemaker since he was 27.

In May at 60, I could finally ignore the pain no more!

Finally getting a diagnosis

My GP ran a couple of tests, referred me to yet a 3rd (yes a 3rd) rheumatologist, and now I got a diagnosis.

I have AS.....go figure.

Tried other medications but nothing helped. Now I'm going on Humira.

My daughter is now following with the same symptoms.

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