Debilitating Pain After Laying New Flooring

I read so many stories about how one "outing" can cause several days of so much pain and being couch ridden.

The other day, I felt soo good for two days in a row!

So, I decided to finally rip up, and lay the new pergo floor in my 5x6 hallway! (Looks great)

Pain hangover

The next day and the next day (today), I am suffering unbelievably in muscle and joint pain! I can't move. I can't walk. My knees feel like they're exploding.

My body feels like I was in a severe car accident.

AS is horrible. I am a 52 year old F who used to do many hard core construction projects. Now I feel like an 80 yr old woman who should be in hospice.

On the bright side, my hallway looks great!

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