AS is Debilitating. Thank God for My Husband!

I am 62 years old and already suffer from RA, Lupus, fibromyalgia. A year ago I went to my Orthopedic Surgeon complaining of lower back pain. After a series of x-rays, I was diagnosed with AS.

AS is debilitating

I asked how you treat it, she told me with epidurals. I did not want to go that far with treatment as I got mixed reactions. So I am now taking a pain pill and muscle relaxer, hot baths, and heating pads for relief. I tell you this is so debilitating!

I can not stand for more than 5 minutes before my back starts getting more painful. The pain goes down my hips, butt, and the back of my legs before I feel like I am going to fall to the floor. I can not walk 2 blocks to the store before my Husband has to grab my arm and help me walk the rest of the way.

Doing my best with the support of my husband

Everything in my daily life has to be done in stages. I can no longer cook for my family. My husband, God bless him, has taken up most of the slack when it comes to housework. In spite of the fact that he is disabled by the VA, due to mental health issues he suffered during his time in Desert Storm, he does the best he can.

I get depressed knowing I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. This SpA package for the giveaway would be very nice. I have heard good things about weighted blankets!

Good luck to everyone who entered. I hope to win as well!

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