Shelli's Story

I'm 48 years old and in the past worked my life as a surgical technician and sterile processing technician.

I started having pain, usual pain after a day's work. More than anyone else I knew. My whole body.

Migraines, hands, feet, etc. I had bilateral TMJ surgery at the age of 28.

Really at the age of 35, my body had changed rapidly as far as pain and limited movement.

Finding a rheumatologist

I finally saw a rheumatologist and after testing, he had put me on many different meds and including a biologic.

All in all, I've had 7-foot surgeries, total hip, SI fusion, and the list goes on.

I have high hopes of being able to lose the weight I've gained from lack of movement and meds soon. And hopefully, see a difference in my life.

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