Ivey’s AS Story

I was always extremely energetic until I moved to college at the age of 19. I began to lose all of my energy and pain in my hips started to appear.

Pain and fatigue

I never thought the fatigue was linked to the pain, or that there was anything serious going on until the pain got worse. I began going to different doctors about this when I was 22 and they never really had any answers.

I am super lucky that my mom has a brilliant doctor friend who somehow knew this is what I had. Then, I had Xrays and MRIs done and made an appointment with an amazing Rheumatologist.

Living and staying positive

I am now on Humira and I am back to an extremely active lifestyle. After being diagnosed with AS, I moved to Colorado and became a ski instructor.

Now I am 25, and I’m no longer ski instructing, but in graduate school. I still deal with symptoms, like fatigue and pain in my hips, but I try to stay positive and active. I’m so thankful that I was diagnosed early on.

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