AS with CHF and COPD

I have had my AS since I was probably 25. It was not diagnosed until 2015 when they found damage to my spine on both an MRI and CT Scan. I was placed on Enbrel. It really hit my immune system hard. I was getting sick a lot.

My primary care doctor finally ordered some tests in 2016. I was diagnosed with CHF on September 14, 2016, at the age of 48. I had never had any heart problems prior to this. So now I can't be treated with any anti-inflammatory medications for my AS.

Not sure what to do

I made an appointment with my rheumatologist to give them the news. Their response was "I am sorry but there is nothing more we can do for you at this time".

So here I am with all of these conditions and wasn't sure what to do. I've started doing my own research. I am treating my conditions with as many vitamins and supplements as I can. I am also looking into CBD oils.

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