AS and Everything Else!

Last updated: July 2020

I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in 1980. I was 18, I had excruciating low back pain to the point I could not walk sometimes.

I was having trouble working. I was sleeping in a recliner and at times when I tried to get up, it felt like my hips were breaking.

I was just miserable.

I researched it myself and asked my doc to do a blood test for HLA-B27 gene. Turns out I have it.

A tough stretch

As if dealing with AS alone wasn't enough, then I was blessed with the following...

In 2009, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then 2012 osteoporosis.

Then, on January 9, 2014, my dad died.

Then, on January 24, 2015, my St. Bernard died and she was my puppy soulmate.

Then, on September 26, 2015, my mom died.

I was a wreck!

Sorry, this is so long.

I was also diagnosed with PTSD in 2015.

Healing and caring hugs

Dealing with the AS is certainly a challenge and makes for an interesting journey through life. Good luck to all the suffering. Stay healthy and happy.

Sending gentle healing and caring hugs to all.
Have a great day!

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