2nd Generation AS

I grew up with a dad who had an extreme case of AS. It was the 60’s and nobody knew what was wrong.

For years he chased cures. Endured barbaric treatments. He finally found a great young doctor who diagnosed him after 20 years. He had a spinal fusion which his body rejected. All the while he kept working and at 48 got a college degree. He was tested for the gene and was told he was not a carrier.

My journey with AS

Last year I was diagnosed with AS. I didn’t know I had a problem until a car accident and X-rays. As a kid, I learned what pain and perseverance were. I had always blamed my strange pain on aging.

I finally went to see that young doctor who helped my dad, not so young anymore. I know the diagnosis was hard for him to deliver. My hero, my dad, taught me the most important lesson; if you stop you won’t start. So, I have no complaints because I am fortunate to have had the road paved for me.

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