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The Zodiac Signs During A Flare-Up

I've always been completely fascinated by astrology. I even co-host a conversational podcast called Astrolushes (my co-host, Andi, actually offered some insight on the below article) that intersects astrology and culture. Whether you believe that astrology is "real" or not (what is real, really?), I find that astrology gives us all a shared language ("I'm a Scorpio, too!") archetypes to explore, and fun conversations to have. It's something most of us know at least a little about.

Astrology helps me lean into the mystical

Astrology lets us examine archetypes that reflect the human condition. It lets us examine what it means to be fierce, gentle, adventurous, or protective, for example, and it prompts us look at qualities within ourselves.

Now, we can all be rational, scientific thinkers — but that doesn't mean we can't also lean into the mystical, magical, and unknowable things in life (and I do; I deeply lean in).

When it comes to astrology and chronic illness, I want you to take the below suggestions with a grain of salt. The ideas below are meant to be fun, entertaining, and inspiring. It's not meant to be prescriptive, to replace real medical care, or to 100 percent reflect what your reality might be.

Nor do I want to belittle the struggle we have as chronic illness patients. I wanted to write something with levity and heart and magic, to take the conversation to left field; so, I'd love for you to use this as a conversation starter, a prompt, a tool, or a moment to think outside the box.

Read about your Zodiac sign during an AS flare

Note for people who are more serious about astrology: You can also read for your rising sign or whatever feels right to you.


Aries is full of energy and initiative, power, and enthusiasm — but they can also be stubborn. Your best bet is to let yourself rest. Don't resist the urge to give your body what it really needs. Though you may be bursting at the seams, listen to your body, and honor it. You are not guilty, lazy, or invalid for resting; don't self-destruct.

Affirmation:I am powerful, even in rest and pause. 


Taurus is good at relaxing. In fact, you make it an art form. You love to lounge in comfortable fabrics, order or make delicious, beautiful food, and keep fine things around you — to inspire you, to make you think, to make you feel good. But sometimes, too much lounging around can make you feel complacent. Embrace rest, but do establish and maintain routine — for your body and your soul.

Affirmation: I find pleasure in rest, and am grounded in routine.


Geminis are the communicators of the Zodiac — and they never run out of things to say. Always bursting with energy and opinions and always hungry for stimulation, it's important that you connect with your people when you're in a flare-up. Call friends, text support systems, and don't isolate yourself.

Affirmation: I connect with others during hard times. 


Cancer is sensitive, domestic, emotionally available — and yes, moody. During a flare-up you might tend toward the self-pity and isolation, but try to make sure that your domestic abode helps you stay afloat of your overwhelming feelings. Keep happy things around you, open the windows, and let the light in.

Affirmation: I keep the space around me safe and comfortable.


Leo is all bravado and strength. They feel big and they bring big energy into any space. Like the sun, their light doesn't go out — and like the lion, they're courageous. Life with a chronic illness is really hard, but Leo has all that strength to lean on, so lean on it. Remember how brave and luminous you are. Your light is contagious.

Affirmation: I shine even in dark times. 


Virgo is known as a meticulous, deeply organized, and reliable sign. They are deeply loyal and will show up when you need them. So show up to yourself. Lean into your organizational skills when you're in a flare-up. Make sure your space is ergonomic. Make sure you've got meds ready. And do let yourself rest.

Affirmation:I am in control of my space, my body, and my experience. 


Libra, as it is depicted by scales, is about harmony. Balance. Symmetry. What this means during a flare-up is that you seek equilibrium through routine and rest. You must have both. Librans are also people-pleasers, which means it might be hard to ask for help or "seem a burden." But do ask for help in the pursuit of equilibrium.

Affirmation: I find and embrace balance. 


Scorpio is the sign of death, rebirth, and transformation. It's not literal, but internal. When Scorpio is in pain, they lean in the abyss and seek a message so that they can emerge, Phoenix-like. When you are in pain and feel exhausted and lost, ask yourself: What have I learned from myself in this? Remember your resilience and go from there.

Affirmation:I am capable of transforming in hardship. 


Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac, so they're always curious and on the go. Because of this, they have a tendency to go-go-go, overextending themselves, and possibly even denying the gravity of pain or situation. If this is you, try to settle in to pause, rest, and relaxation and confront the feelings head-on. It might be uncomfortable but it could be helpful in helping you find your true feelings.

Affirmation: I am comfortable leaning into pause and being in the moment. 


Capricorns love to work — or at least they feel compelled to work. To work, without rest. To research. To do the most, to be on time — and to not allow themselves to fail. Capricorns might even self-blame. In a flare, you might find yourself spending HOURS Googling reasons, causes, side effects, solutions, etc. It's a compulsion. But the thing is, you probably need to let yourself have some downtime that isn't so enmeshed in trying to find a solution. Have some fun. Find some levity. Do something you love (that you can do).

Affirmation: I don't need to blame myself for being sick or needing rest. 


Aquarians have that amazing capacity to detach — to wander into the clouds and vanish. They're intellectuals and independents, and sometimes this means that they say no to emotional expression or reaching out to people. Aquarians are also the most humanitarian, so don't be afraid to apply that humanity and kindness to yourself. Feel empowered to ask for help, to get vulnerable, to say you need some love or help or attention. Or express yourself through art, projects, or creativity.

Affirmation: I can express my feelings. 


Pisces are artists. They're dreamers. They're sorrowful. They're wise. They're intuitive. Because of this, they can feel emotionally overloaded and turn to things that might be bad for them. Drinking, isolating, escaping reality. Whatever it is, give yourself the space to see the light — and to know that you will move through this flare-up. Use that dreamy energy to find joy, not to disappear in a sea of obsessive pity thoughts. (We've all been there).

Affirmation:I can get through this. 

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