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How to Get Through the Winter Months: For Spoonies

I thought writing this today would be perfect. We’re getting our first snowfall, and I’m already wishing it was April. To be honest, I’ve been wishing this since October 1st, but now that it’s snowing, I really need to get through the winter. Quick.

How to stay warm

Trust me when I say this, I’m ALWAYS cold. I love to be warm. I love summer months, sitting outside comfortably, the sun. All of it. So I have a few things that might help with staying warm this winter season.

  1. Get a space heater -- If you’re like me, even if the heat is on, I’m cold. It doesn’t matter where I am in the house. My mom got me a space heater a few years ago and it’s been so helpful when I just want to sit in my room and write, read, or watch tv. I use it to go to sleep as well but will unplug it just before. It helps me get all cozy and warm, and ready for my nightly slumber.
  2. Drink lots of tea or hot chocolate -- I’m a tea drinker. I’ve never been a huge coffee fan, but if that’s your thing, you do you. All I’m saying here is to drink lots of warm fluids. I always like my tea with honey and fresh ginger. The more honey, the better!
  3. Take lots of baths -- If possible, take long warm baths as often as you can. I’m guilty of sitting in the bath for way longer than I’d like to admit. I usually do this before I do yoga as well, just to warm up my joints, but it’s also just a relaxing activity to do to either start or end your day. I do both!
  4. Bundle up -- If you’re in a place that gets a lot of snow and stays cold for what feels like forever, bundle up. I show no shame in wearing 5 layers with a hat, gloves, AND mittens, a scarf, and my hood up. Like I mentioned previously, I‘m a cold individual. I also double up on socks often. It beats shivering all day (although I tend to still shiver quite often).

How to keep yourself occupied

I don’t work currently, so I have to keep myself occupied in order to stay sane. At least in the summer months, I can go outside and read, or bring my cat outside and watch her explore. In the winter, there’s no way I’m going outside unless I need to. Here are a few indoor activities to try this winter.

  1. Puzzle or coloring books -- I know a lot of us spoonies already do a lot of activity books, but they’re the perfect thing to do while you’re trapped inside. Find a coloring book that pertains to your interests, or buy a few different puzzle books. Make a cup of tea, light a candle, and color or puzzle your heart out.
  2. Yoga or light stretching -- Whether you go to a yoga class, or do it on your own, winter is the perfect time to get started with some regular exercise. Just because we can’t go outside doesn’t mean we can’t get our exercise. I have a little yoga section of my room where I put art up, and candles on the table. It makes for a bit more of an enjoyable experience when you can decorate the area around you.
  3. Watch TV -- On our bad flare days, the simplest thing is to just cuddle in bed and watch TV or a movie. Take it easy for the winter, you deserve it!

What helps you through the cold winter?

I know I’m probably one of the few people that actually hates winter, but I just don’t like being cold all the time. I’ve tried to find a few things here and there that help me get through the winter months.

Hopefully, some of these points can help you to enjoy the cold a little better! What are some tips you use to get through the winter?

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