Support Is Essential During COVID-19

With all of the panic going around surrounding the COVID-19 virus, I’m sure you’ve noticed how helpful a good support system is. But with good support always comes some not-so-good support. So I’m here to help you find good support in your life during this difficult and scary time.

The not-so-good support

I got a message from a family friend today after I posted a few stories to my Instagram regarding staying home as much as possible during the outbreak. She decided to tell me all of the ways I was wrong, and that going out and shopping/eating/etc. was still necessary for the economy.

While I don’t disagree with that, of course, that’s not on any of our minds. We have chronic illnesses. We’re immunocompromised. We’re more at risk. Shouldn’t that be enough to convince people to stay home?

What did I do?

So, what did I say back to this? I messaged her back saying that the reason I posted this was to raise awareness for the immunocompromised community. And that going outside is not the best for ME right now. Hence why I’m the one posting it.

I also went on to tell her that we, as a community, were and are making a big deal out of social distancing and staying home because if we are to COVID-19, we could have serious complications, or even die. Knowing that people care about the economy more than the lives of the elderly or the immunocompromised upsets me.

She then went on to tell me that shaming people isn’t the best approach, though I don’t know where advocacy turns into shaming, and I decided that’s where I draw the line. The support isn’t there with this person and I don’t need to talk to them anymore.

The good support

If you have some support like that in your life right now, I’m sorry and I’m here for you. So is the rest of the immunocompromised community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

There’s currently a hashtag going around on Twitter that went viral #HighRiskCovid19 and that’s where I’ve connected with a few people who are also immunocompromised. They’ve been a wonderful support system and reading other’s stories helps me connect to them. They help me feel like I belong somewhere!

As there’s also a great community of people with chronic illnesses on Instagram, it also ties in with COVID-19 right now. There are tips to stay healthy and things to do while you’re social distancing that anyone can use!

The support I’ve found on Instagram is amazing. I would highly recommend searching up AS or any other condition you may have and finding others to relate to. It’s a great online source of support that I’ve been using for 3 years now.

If you can’t find support in real life, find it online! I’ve made so many friends over my time diagnosed. I’ve even found friends in my area to meet up with, along with my support group that I found on Facebook! Hopefully, you can find the support you’re looking for on one of these apps/websites.

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