I Left My House After 2 Months Inside

COVID-19 has brought out many emotions for a lot of us. For me, it’s brought anxiety, panic, sadness, frustration, and many more. I was so anxious about it, being an immunocompromised person, that I didn’t leave my house for over 2 months. Last week, with the advice of my therapist, I left the house.

How it happened

I was talking to my therapist about my COVID-19 anxieties when she suggested something I didn’t think she would. Leaving the house and going to a store.

I had told her I hadn’t left my house in over 2 months and that I missed going to stores dearly. I missed my normal lifestyle and I was anxious to get the disease…so anxious that I wouldn’t leave the house.

When she suggested it I had to make sure I heard her right. I know the big message since March has been to stay home, but she was suggesting that I do the opposite.

How I felt

At first, I didn’t know what to think. She told me that my homework for this session was to go to a store. With all the proper precautions, of course. Wear a mask, wash my hands, change clothes, shower, etc.

When thinking about all of this, it was overwhelming. I almost wanted to pretend that I went and tell her a fake story. But deep down I knew that’s not what therapy is for, and that’s not going to help me in any way.

I decided to do my homework and go to a store.

My safety steps

I made sure I had a mask and gloves on going into the store. I wore a coat that I would wash after and used a tote bag as my purse (also to be washed after). This was my only plan that day, so I decided to shower after the store to make sure I was totally clean.

Just like that, I was ready to go into the dollar store, all dressed up in my gear and looking amazing.

My experience

Honestly, I was shocked by my experience. I’d heard and seen on the news all of the precautions that stores were taking. To see it happen before my eyes instantly calmed me down. I knew there was a limit in the store and the lines on the floor were there to help everyone.

I’d say about half of the customers in the store were wearing masks. I made sure to keep my distance from everyone, only touching what I needed and not wandering around aimlessly. I went in with a list, so that helped.

The plexiglass between me and the cashier was also a breath of fresh air. More safety precautions to keep me and everyone else safe. I was in and out of the store in 20 minutes with all sorts of new items.

My takeaway

I think I and many others who are immunocompromised are scared right now. We have a good reason to be. I would only recommend going out if you feel safe enough and comfortable enough to do so. If not, stay inside some more and watch movies!

I only took this trip because I wanted to and I felt ready after the 2+ months inside. Have you been to a store during this lockdown? How was your experience?

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