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Products I’ve Tried for My AS

Over the last 3 and a half years, there’s quite a long list of products I’ve tried to alleviate my AS pain. I know I would spend any amount of money on a product that works, I’m sure a lot of us would. Here are some of the products I’ve tried, and how I’ve felt about them.


Hot Packs - Microwavable hot packs are a staple in my pain treatment. I use them whenever my lower back hurts, my knees hurt, my pelvis, anything. I love them. I’ve never frozen them because I always find that heat just works better for me. I would highly recommend microwavable hot packs if you haven’t tried them already.

Heating Pad - My heating pad is another hot product that I cannot live without. If I’m traveling, I make sure I ALWAYS bring my heating pad. It’s perfect to cover my whole back or my whole pelvis and has 3 settings. Again, I would highly recommend this.

Hot Patches - I’ve used hot/cold patches on occasion as well when traveling. They’re effective when going out for longer periods of time, but I don’t really use them at home as much. I would recommend them if you have pain while leaving the house for a long time.


Smoking - I’ve tried smoking a few different strains of cannabis to try to help reduce my pain. I’ve never found it helped me personally, although I know it can help a lot of other chronic pain patients.

CBD/THC Balm - I more recently tried using a CBD/THC soothing balm for my pain. It helped briefly but not as much as I had hoped it would work. I’ve only tried one brand of this as they’re expensive, but I’m not sure I would spend the money on another in case it didn’t work.


Electronic Back Massager - This product was very costly but worth it. We paid around $200 for an electronic back massager and it’s amazing for when I have knots in my back that last for days. There’s a heat setting and a non-heat setting, and I always use the heat setting because it helps the pain as well. I would highly recommend this if you can afford one.

Weighted Blanket - Another very costly product I’ve tried is a weighted blanket. This one was a bit of a miss with me, I never found I slept better with it (I sleep terribly to begin with), and it didn’t really help with my pain or anxiety. I know they help other people a lot though, so it’s something to consider trying.

Acupressure Mat - I just recently got an acupressure mat. I haven’t found that it’s helped me all the much (yet) but I’m still trying it and waiting for a flare to truly try it out. If you’ve used one of these, did it help you?

The takeaway

I’ve spent A LOT of money trying products to help with my pain. Some work and some don’t, that’s just kind of the gamble we have to take with our illness. What are some products you live by for your AS pain?

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