No Carve Halloween Pumpkins

I'm terrible at carving pumpkins. my eyes or artistic vision don't match up with my hands. This predates my AS, but AS makes any pumpkins I carve look at least 200 percent worse. These days, preparing the pumpkins, cleaning up all their guts, and extra pain in my hands and shoulders isn't the best use of my energy and time. So why not skip right to the decorating fun? It's the quickest path to Halloween happiness.

Grab and go

Most chain stores carry plenty of supplies in the form of kits, masks, and other decorations. Pumpkin Decorating kits usually involve painting or sticking things on. I'm all about the stick on as there's little to no mess and most adults...I mean kids can do it the way they want to. Here's how I used my decorating kits.

No drama llama

Pumpkin decorating kit with llamas

I chose the llama and the hipster kits to try out. The Llama has a cute cheerful vibe, it's colorful, and easy to assemble. Put the feet on first to make sure they remain visible and to keep them from getting caught on the skirts. Working slowly, add the skirts with the hemline as far above the feet as you want, then add the pompoms, and finish with the llama head. I had a little trouble with it falling off and secured it with a push pin through the adhesive tabs. If that's not right for your household, grab some hot glue or duct tape, or create a cardboard or paper belt to hold all of the decorations.

Peel and stick

Pumpkin decorating kit with glasses and moustache

The hipster mask was a snap, but decide where you'll stick the pieces before actually applying them. Work from the bottom up. My pumpkin was too short to wear the bow tie so it went on the llama.

But this isn't how I usually do things!

Okay. There's more than one way to do things. Consider two humble food and drink workhorses, borscht and the martini. We'll skip pizza as Detroiters know that thick crust "square pizza" that is actually a rectangle was lowered from heaven, in a golden box.

There are several kinds of borscht. My crew is Team Beets Only. We laughed like a bunch of mean girls when somebody tried to serve us white borscht. We didn't like her for reasons, and were sure she'd been taken in by some TV chef. Well, it's real and tastes pretty good. Martinis are divided into gin and vodka camps. My godfather reminded everybody that gin is juniper vodka. Get the one that's right for you.

ASers means adapting to keep living our lives

Everybody with limitations and disability has to make choices about what to do and how to do it. Our cultures set a trap by making what we're used to doing seem like the only way to do things, but these feelings aren't facts.

So maybe you'll make a pumpkin llama martini, but it's yours to make, and you deserve to have fun.

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