We're All Different!

Today someone made a comment to me that made me want to write this article. It got me a little heated, and I feel the need to write an article about it.

As you may know from my writing, I deal with severe fatigue because of my AS. Today, a fellow AS warrior made the comment to me to “sleep more” so I would be less fatigued, and so here I am.

There are many symptoms

There are countless symptoms of AS. They can be symptoms such as neck pain, lower back pain, SI joint pain, knee pain, heel pain, uveitis, fatigue…and so, SO many more. AS can affect any part of our bodies.

Because it can affect any part of our bodies, that means a myriad of symptoms come with it. And let’s not forget that we don’t all have the same symptoms, and even if we do, some cases are more severe than others.

Everyone’s symptoms are different

Everyone I know that has AS has different symptoms. Some people have neck pain, and I don’t. I deal with fatigue and some people don’t. It’s a case by case basis.

Just like we are all different with what genre of music we enjoy, or what kinds of foods we like, we all have different symptoms of AS that affect us. Just because you’ve never experienced a certain symptom doesn’t mean that I couldn’t have.

Fatigue is highly judged

The reason I got upset over this comment was because I tend to find fatigue is the most judged symptom that I have. I’ve been called lazy by someone before, and now I’ve been told to sleep more. It’s upsetting every time.

The thing with fatigue is that you can never get enough sleep. No matter how much you get, you won’t feel more rested. I could sleep for an entire 12 hours and still be exhausted when I wake up. The first sign that I’m fatigued when I wake up is the body heaviness. My body feels like a 20 lb weight has been tacked on to it.

We should have each other’s backs

Those of us in the AS community, or even just the chronic illness community in general, should have each other’s backs.

I know enough people who aren’t in these communities at all that judge me and don’t believe me on a regular basis. It almost hurts more when these comments come from people who know what the disease is and what it entails.

What I’m pitching

So here’s what I’m pitching! I’m pitching that from here on out, we all give each other the love and support that we need and deserve. It’s already hard enough to live day to day with the diseases we’ve gotten handed to us.

If we have each other, at least we know that there are people out there who are rooting for us and that understand us! It’s all about love and positivity! I have your back! Do you have mine?

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