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My 6 Month Update on Humira

Last updated: March 2021

I’ve now been on Humira for a whole 6 months. Pandemic time really flies by, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe I’ve already hit this milestone with Humira, but I’m here to talk about it!

The first few months

The first few months on Humira were blurry. It was hard to tell if it was actually helping, or it was just my mind hoping it was. I would still experience pain and flare-ups, and my fatigue wasn’t helped at all… apart from one shot.

The one time it did help with fatigue was probably my 5th shot. A few days after the shot I was able to go for a bike ride and see a friend (at a distance, and outside of course). Bike rides are something I used to do a lot of before I was sick. My dad and I would ride everywhere in the area. It’s rare that I can get a bike ride in anymore without feeling extremely exhausted.

I would still try to exercise and get through my day without a nap, but it almost wasn’t possible. As I mentioned, the pain would flare-up as well. Not super often, but it was still happening. I had a few days where I was using my cane for either the pain or the fatigue.

I would say for the first 3 months I didn’t really notice much of a difference while on Humira.

The second half of my treatment

I’d say the second half of my treatment, the last 3 months have been better than the first 3. I’ve had considerably fewer pain flares and fewer cane days. It also helps that summer started and I was able to sit in the back yard more and enjoy the weather.

I’ve been able to bike a handful of times in short distances. My fatigue is still pretty bad but I find it’s easier to push through when I need to. I’m tired all of the time, but it’s not as debilitating and I’m able to rest when I’m able to, instead of when I need to.

Are my AS symptoms better on Humira?

The question is, am I doing better on Humira than I was on Remicade?

I’d say I’m feeling pretty similar to when I was on Remicade. When I first started Remicade, I was able to do yoga every single day and never look back. As time went on, my chronic fatigue snuck in and took over.

Since being on Humira, I haven’t been able to do yoga on a daily basis without feeling like I need to be in bed. So I’d say I feel similar to when I was on Remicade, but towards the end of my treatment.

I’m hoping within the next few months I’ll start to feel even better while on Humira, but only time will tell.

What’s your biologic journey like? Are you just starting a new treatment or have you been on one for years? What’s been the best biologic for your symptoms?

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