Arthritis-Friendly Holiday Decorations

It's that time time of year where energy and motor skills are in high demand, but the supply might not keep up or could collapse any time. Yikes! If the thought of decking your halls leaves you feeling something less than merry and bright, these tips are for you.

Traditional trees are a pain

Traditional trees are great, but they're also a chore if my body isn't feeling nearly perfect. And the little scoundrel ornament can fly out of my hands. I don't mean dropping. It's more of an involuntary throwing situation, picture a disgraced quarterback...sigh. By the way, how can ASers just be minding our own business and then whee, something is across the room, or in pieces on the ground?

Festive vignettes are fun

Vessel vignettes are here to tell a beautiful holiday tale! A vignette is a story or impression told through words or design. In this case, a container used to hold seasonally appropriate items in a stylish manner.  Vessel vignettes are the Pinterest home decor champion for several reasons.

They're easy to make because most people already have at least half of what's needed. And a few high impact pieces go a long way. They can also be changed on a whim.

How to make one

To make a vignette you'll need a container, filler, floral picks, and a few other seasonal decorations. If making them isn't your thing head to the store. Notice how this one has lots of vivid color and detail to draw you into the snowy winter scene.

A small vignette with mini pine trees and a pick up truck covered in snow

My celebration table

My celebration table vignette references the holiday classics of a ginger bread house, deer, curly ribbon, (shatter proof) ornaments in a tiered stand, and a home for the holidays plaque. It's possible to make seated, which matters for some of us.

A festive table with a gingerbread house and lights

Say no to ornaments

Zero ornament trees can shine without you breaking a sweat. This year I made a llama tree by combining the face from my llama themed Halloween pumpkin decorating kit with white lights, floral picks, and gift wrap supplies.

Package bows, tissue paper, and fairy lights are a quick and easy way to bring the pom-poms and other colorful details we know and love to life on your tree.

Here's how!

  1. Put on your lights. I usually go with two strands.
  2. Secure the picks to the top branch with wire or chenille stems.
  3. Wrap that same branch in paper.
  4. Tape the llama head onto the paper, on the back side.
  5. Spread the printed tissue paper through the tree. You can push it in with a wooden spoon of spatula if you're stiff.
  6. Push the package bows in between the branches. DON'T pull off the backing! There's no need to actually stick them to your tree or tissue paper.
  7. Enjoy!

A small white christmas tree with a llama on top

Collapsible trees for the win

A small silver christmas tree

This tree is a great option for small spaces, use with lights and garlands, or with an ultra-modern aesthetic. It assembled easily, with a pole that fits into a base and the tree tented over. I like how it looks with my fairy lights and the stars garlands, but it's VERY shiny.

The silver christmas tree up close showing silver stars and tinsel

What's your favorite way to decorate?  

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