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CBD is Part of My Pain Management Toolbox!

Last updated: June 2021

In this article, I will speak about how I use CBD to manage my condition. I have been using CBD products for nearly a full year now. I’ve tried and tested many different companies and I never felt any results. Until I came across Kekalke CBD. I buy my CBD products from Kekalke CBD, a company in England that I found via Instagram.

Kekalke CBD has really helped me live with this condition, along with my treatment and exercise.

CBD bath bombs

My first order was the most amazing bath product I have ever used: the Bath Fizzies. These are a must have for my bath. I always used to use Epsom salts to see if it would soothe my aching body, it never did. This bath fizz relaxes my body and help with my pain immensely. Along with having the best night's sleep after use.

CBD topical oil

The next product I bought is the most beneficial for me: the CBD Body Oil Rub. For the past year, I have been suffering with severe spasms. Up until October of last year the only thing that helped my spasms was diazepam. I don’t particularly like taking this tablet. A side effect of diazepam is drowsiness, and being honest when I take it, I feel completely out of it.

I have tried many topical body oils, but this product is the only one that has ever helped me. It relaxes and calms down my spasms. It is a must-have in my pain management toolbox. I use this daily on my lower back to help my aching pains. And on my neck, shoulders and upper back to put my spasms to sleep.

Since October I have tried many of Kekalke CBD products; jellies, oil drops and their herbal tea range. Kekalke CBD is the only herbal tea I drink now; I have the best night's sleep after the hemp and chamomile tea.

Educating yourself about CBD

I didn’t know much about CBD before, but I was open to learning and Lena (the owner) has thought me so much over the past few months. I could never imagine finding an alternative treatment as well as my medication. I now never go a day without using one of Kekalke CBD products.

I was worried about what my parents would say about me using CBD products. For my first order I asked for discreet packaging. When I told them about this, they were a bit skeptical at first. I read out the messages that Lena sent me explaining how CBD works and the benefits, along with articles that I had found online. This allowed my parents to understand more about the products. And once they started seeing the results it was having on me it quickly changed their perception on CBD products. My parents and a lot of people in that generation may have a negative perspective of CBD products because they don’t understand. I am so happy that I found something that helps me, obviously it's not a cure. But it does make my daily life a lot easier.

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