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Blessings That Ankylosing Spondylitis Has Given To Me

Having AS has been one of the hardest things that has been placed on my path. I have come to believe that finding the lessons can make the pain hurt a little less when you can connect and beautiful lesson. So here are my blessings AS has taught me!

Patience and understanding

I’ve had to learn that patience is a necessity in life. Chronic illness or not. I’ve waited up to a year for specialist appointments, hours in hospital waiting rooms, weeks for medication deliveries. As someone who naturally can never wait for things, I’ve really learned to trust the process and understand I don’t have control over shit! (It’s actually a bit freeing!)

Chronic illness awareness

This probably sounds obvious, but until I had a diagnosis I just thought I was a weirdo with all of these problems. I didn’t really have the terminology or the understanding that I would be ill forever. Not only that but that it wasn’t something personal. That many people struggle and I’ve been able to educate myself on my own diseases, but others that don’t even affect me. I hope it’s making me a more understanding and compassionate person (I hope!)

Finding true friends

Chronic illness can cause you to feel invalidated but even the most educated of people (like doctors), so it’s been so nice to see those which will listen and understand that you may cancel 99 times but will still be there to invite you for that 100th try.

Teaching my children

My hope is that by me being a mom with chronic illness, I will be able to be a real-life lesson as to what it is to have an invisible illness and that I can teach my children about judgment, acceptance, and empathy.

It’s made me awesome!

Yup and I’m not afraid to toot my own horn (beep beep). I get up every day and do my best, even though 99% of the time I just want to stay in bed and sleep and escape the pain and all the hassle that comes with chronic illness. But I don’t. I choose to get up, to fight. I love. I share, I try my best. And I think that’s badass!

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