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Where do I go to get answers about my AS

I don't know what type of doctor to go to about my AS and other autoimmune problems. My rhumey released from his care because I can't take a biologic. I'm going to be 70 this year. My brother has the same problems I have and his doctor told him he was to old to have AS although he is in a wheelchair for some reason. I told him I was having a problem with my eye, my leg was going numb, I have an exaggerated thoracic kyphosis, and my ankles were slipping out of joint and not going back in like they did before. He said none of that related to kyphosis and if I can't take his biologic because of my histoplasmosis there was nothing that can be done for me. Every article I read conflicts with a different one. Just want to know what to expect. I do work out every day.

  1. Patti
    correction I meant to say my doc said none of my problems were related to AS.

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