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What is a flare to you?

I hear people indicate flares but what does that actually mean? Sometimes in the last year, I have had incidents where my back was so bad that I was in bed for 3 weeks and could not stand up straight. I have also had a couple of days where things were just really sore and fatigue was awful. I have also been fine in the evening but then I wake up with miserable pain that came from no where and lasted for the day. Are they all considered flares or is there specific criteria for a flare? Thanks in advance.

  1. Hi! I'm sorry that this has been happening to you. But yes I would consider this is a flare. Everyone is different but for me, a flare is when my pain or fatigue is worse. This may last a few days or a few weeks.

    I think you might find this page helpful. This is a page about flares on our website that you can read here

    I hope you experience fewer flares,
    All the best,
    Ali (Community Member)

    1. Hey , so sorry to hear you have been in this pain . For me a flare up is when I feel so much more achy, tired stiff and sometimes unable to move properly like if in my shoulders I can’t lift my arms to touch my head . Or could be my knee that swells . Sometimes it can last a few days and it can settle on its own or other times it’s lasted much longer and I have needed a steroid injection which work well for me and seem to calm everything .
      I hope this forum helps you , I not long joined too and already I have found it really helpful . Also knowing that others with A.S will understand how one day can be different to another .
      Blessings to you .

      1. Hi im the same. With my back but most of my flares are my left knee swelling up and can not bend it or walk or stand up it won't support me at all. Nothing will sort it I just have to wait till its gone Normally takes a week or two. Then it's shoulder left side again not much I can do to ease the pain. Your not on ur own. Chin up

        1. Hi sorry to hear your knee swells like this too , mine is the same where I can no longer bend it and it barley supports me . Have you ever had yours drained ? Not sure where you live but fortunately I have had the chance to get mine drained quite a few times at the hospital and then a steroid injection put into it . I don’t feel like it would go down otherwise . I find it strange how we can get one side effected more than the other , mine is usually the right side for everything . It’s sad we have this to deal with but a relief that we are not alone . All the best to you .

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