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What influences a Rheumatologist to prescribe immunosuppressants or biologics?

I am curious to find out if the Rheumatologists gets any form of incentives or kickbacks if they advise most of their patients to take Biologics. Most of the people I talked have been suggested to take biologics which drift my thought if the doctors are really thinking in favour of patients or these big pharmaceutical companies.

On the contrary, it should not be the case since these drugs are very expensive and should only be used when required. I a confused. Please any rheumatologists or subject matter experts can throw some light on this.

Thank You, 😀

  1. I take them for Stage 4 AS as I have had previous heart attacks and have stents and can't take any anti-inflammatories.

    1. I'm being started on methotrexate whilst I await mri and xrays, the rheumatologist said if it is AS and have inflammation in my sacroiliac joints then I'll need to swap to biologicals as methotrexate does not help those joints.

      Really hoping it's not AS as she thinks it's just spondyloarthritis but can't rule it out as I am positive for hla-b27

      1. Hi everyone I got told I have AS in July I am 63, live in the uk,I really don’t want to take biological injections but I can’t see any other alternative and I really don’t like the side effects, lots of meds affect me and having family history of cancer and heart attacks I don’t want to take them but I don’t want to end up in a wheelchair either, I tested negative for the gene. The rheumatologist said the covid vaccine must of triggered it as the pain started after each one I had 4 vaccines but the last one in September so far hasn’t given me that much pain as other three yet.
        So must of had it for years but I didn’t know.

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