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What do you wish your partner knew about AS?

I’m a caregiver to my spouse, Keegan, who was diagnosed with AS 8 years ago. I’m curious from those of you with AS what you wish your partner, spouse, significant other knew about having AS? Or any kind of advice you’d give them?

  1. Hi
    That is a tough question. I think, having had AS for over 20 years now, my wife knows pretty much everything about the affect it has on me - and on her by association.
    I suppose I'd like her to know that I know how tough it is for her too. It's easy for others to forget the fact that the significant other of someone with AS must carry much of the weight of the condition as well.
    My advice would be - try not to take too much notice of me when I’m being irritable or impatient because of a flare. I'd also really like her to know that I am doing okay. Even when I’m not. That I can handle the AS. That my life with AS is bearable. I am used to it after all this time. And having her with me, makes the world of difference.
    Best wishes
    Steve - Community Advocate

    1. I’m having the same issue helping my brother. I’m trying to get him to see another doctor. The meds are insane

    2. apologies on just now replying! I can’t tell you how helpful it is to read this. I often struggle with how much to try to anticipate Keegan’s needs. And sometimes that stress isn’t needed or warranted. Plus he’s in a way better place than 10 years ago. It’s time to let go a bit.

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