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What aids do you use for AS?

What equipment helps you around your mobility. Tell us what is easiest and what is not.

  1. I have several aids to help my day and night activities. Most you may be familiar with but a few might be different.
    1-Rollator with seat and pouch to carry things
    2-canes of course
    3-bedside rail thats portable and can be taken on trips if needed. I use it all the time
    3-a sturdy grabber made by Jetta
    4-a sit to stand metal system that extends into the back of my lounge chair and has handles to help me stand. It is adjustable for most chairs.
    5-a toilet aid that helps me finish my toilet needs. It is called toilet buddy
    6-a portable support system that wraps around a toilet that I can support my weight up and down.

    I think that’s it.

    1. Those are all awesome recommendations @Jumbo10! I just recently had to use a rollator myself for the first time ever and it got me thinking why I hadn't invested in one sooner! They are such great tools. I found it really handy in the kitchen when trying to cook meals on the stove. I pulled it right up to the stove and sat while boiling water, stirring, etc. Thanks for sharing your aids with us!

      All my best, Katie, Team Member

  2. I have a grabber stick by helping hand.
    I made myself a bed strap that I use to pull myself over to one side of the bed in the mornings.
    I have a toilet frame that helps me stand up from the toilet.
    I use my walking stick to help me stand up from sitting.
    I use a folding stool in the kitchen to sit on.
    A folding stool in the shower along with a bath step.
    A sock aid to help me with my socks!

    1. Sock aid, long handle razor, long handle lotion applicator, long handle toe nail clipper, long handle sponge. Reacher is my bestie!!

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