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I seem to be very reactive to bad weather. Is it all in my head or do others struggle with more pain on bad weather days?

  1. Hi ,

    You definitely aren't alone in this, I too struggle a lot more when it is cold or rainy. We are currently experiencing a storm where I live at the moment so I am feeling this right now!

    There is a scientific reason as to why this happens but it is a little out of my knowledge to explain it properly so hopefully someone else can explain it!

    How is the weather over where you are at the moment, are you experiencing this now?

    Best wishes,
    James (Community Member)

    1. the wacky changes during seasonal transitions are occurring in my area now so I have been dealing with a lot of ups and downs. It is rough. Thanks for responding. Sometimes I feel like it is all in my head!

    2. Hi ,

      Sorry to hear that the weather is a bit mad where you are at the moment, I hope you are able to keep as warm as possible!

      It most certainly isn't all in your head, unfortunately even the weather isn't on our side!

      Hope you are keeping well,
      James (Community Member)

  2. Weather is a huge problem for my daughter and I. The worst day is 2 days before the cold front reaches us in GA. I think it has to do with the barometric pressure. I have pain and severe fatigue- it feels like I’m getting the flu. Needless to say I keep an eye on the weather to try and anticipate the changes I will need to make to my schedule.

    1. Yeah it is so hard to plan anything. I feel like I don’t want to plan until the day of to see how the weather will be.

      1. Hey !

        I am right there with you. I actually manage really well in the summer and early fall months, but winter and early spring are a whole other story. Like , I too am from Georgia and the huge shifts we experience completely do me in. As a matter of fact, yesterday I had my first experience with enthesitis in my heel and every joint that I have bone spurs in (many) were absolutely killing me and the fatigue was debilitating. Our temps are going to go from high 70s to around freezing in the next 2-3 days. It's a vicious cycle that's for sure. I'm so sorry you experience this too!

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