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Using a Wheelchair?

I may be buying a wheelchair tomorrow to use for longer family outings and I'm semi-conflicted about the idea. On one hand, I feel like I need to work as much as possible to walk on my own (with a cane for balance/partial support)...on the other hand, I wind up opting out of outings with my wife and grandkids if lots of walking/standing will be involved. I just giving up, or being sensible?

  1. Don't give up, try to see if you could get a walker that has a seat in it so you can still have some of your mobility and its just an aid. Try to seek all possibilities and options before you decide on the wheelchair if you not comfortable and still have your confidence Something like this

    1. I don’t consider it giving up. My dr and my pt have been encouraging me to get a scooter so I can do more. My pain is so severe I can’t stand or walk. I do use a cane or walker around home but I have been staying in. I am going to get something soon. Blessings. ❤️

    2. the scooter sounds like a great choice!

  2. Hi there, I have had so many conflicting feelings about using mobility aids especially when I have an outing, I have to rent a wheelchair when I know there will be alot of walking I do get up and stretch every so often but your feelings are sensible, I don’t consider it giving up we have to push through excruciating pain daily and pain increasing with activity, you do what you feel is best to get you through those days and will make it easier on your body so you can enjoy your Time out. Sending love 💙 Nadine (Community Member)

    1. Hi ,

      I don't see anything wrong with getting one if you feel like your body needs it! I guess if you are worried that you will start to overuse it and practice your mobility less then maybe you could come up with an arrangement that you would only use it on certain occasions?

      Have you got any other kind of walking aids that you have tried using before?

      Wishing you well,
      James (Community Member)

      1. so far I've been using a cane. There are times I start out not needing it but need it after the first 800-1000 steps or so. The eye opener for me on wheelchair use was getting wheelchair assistance through the airports on my most recent trip. I would have lost days to recuperating on both ends of the trip without it. My new chair will be used mainly for extended outings with my wife or grandchildren (SeaWorld, the zoo, museums, botanical gardens, etc) shorter distances/times are fine with the cane.

        1. I know exactly what you mean, I kept doing that so I got a little fold up travel walking stick that I put in my bag if I think that might end up happening. Actually I was using that same walking stick last time I was in an airport and they ended up offering me wheelchair assistance - it really is a life saver and saves you spending the start of the holiday recovering from the journey itself!

          I think the chair sounds like a good plan in that case. Especially if your shoulder is going to be out of action for a little while - definitely worth it to still be able to get that quality time with the family!

          All the best with the shoulder surgery, I hope it all goes well and you make a speedy recovery!

          Wishing you all the best,
          James (Community Member)

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