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Trying to conceive - coming off meds - so much pain!

My partner and I are trying to conceive. We have only just started our journey. A couple of weeks ago I found out that celecoxib, my main anti inflammatory is actually something to be completely avoided when TTC and throughout pregnancy. My GP, rheumatologist and even an OBGYN seemed to have missed this despite me explicitly saying I was going to be starting soon.

Anyway, I obviously stopped the celecoxib immediately and called the GP. He agreed I absolutely shouldn’t be taking it. But… he wouldn’t prescribe anything to replace it! My rheumatology nurse informed me that I can take traditional NSAIDs in the TTC stage but the gp refused.

I’ve been taking otc ibuprofen and despite taking omeprazole I’m finding they’re really upsetting my stomach.

I’m in so much pain, I can’t sleep. This weekend I’m making a 9 hour round trip to see a friend… it’s really going to be uncomfortable.

I take tramadol, sulfasalazine and I have infliximab infusions. What can I do?!! I exercise regularly, stretch, use heat…

I’m starting to wonder how I’ll even cope with a baby when these flares seem to be getting worse 🤦🏼‍♀️

  1. Hi I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain . I was on celebrex too but changed to Naproxen when husband and I started trying for a baby . I was told I could stay on naproxen up until the third trimester . When I fell pregnant with my first I managed to reduce the naproxen to 250 mg each day and then I just took paracetamol in the third trimester . With my second pregnancy I took even less naproxen as once I had fallen I felt really good . In fact with both my pregnancy’s I was in remission for the first time ever I think due to the hormone changes . I have read and been told that a lot of women can go into a remission when pregnant but obviously not everyone does . I finished working early with my first and spent most days in the swimming pool , honestly I thought I’d give birth in there lol as I was in there the day I started having contractions ! The other swimmers I think were worried when they saw me ha ha ! Maybe speak with your Rheumy again and ask about the naproxen as I know another girl was also on this through her pregnancy and her rheumy said she could be too . Hopefully that will help you while you are TTC and fingers crossed when you fall things will ease up . Also I heard in the U.S and now U.K they say the anti TNFs like Enbrel are used for some women and they stay on these throughout pregnancy too . You could ask about theses and do some research . If I can help any more please feel free to ask me as i remember the journey trying for a baby , the excitement but also feeling nervous too . All the best .

    1. thanks for sharing 😀
      I hope pregnancy happens quickly and I’m one of the lucky ones who gets remission.
      I’ve been on other biologics previously that required injection and I really won’t go back to that. They caused so much anxiety I think I’d prefer to do the infliximab up to 20 weeks and then restart immediately after. Just the thought of injecting makes me feel sick 🤢
      I’m hoping I’ll get a prescription for the naproxen and that it actually works x

      1. Your welcome 😊 I hope it happens quickly for you too and come the time you have a wonderful and smooth pregnancy . I hope the naproxen helps as well . I was taking 750mg to a 1000mg daily before I fell then quickly reduced it to 250mg once I got a postive pregnancy test .
        If you like trying holistic treatments I recommend reflexology , my mum did this for me while TTC and it helped in all matters of my cycle etc . I now do this treatment too because I love it . So if you find a good qualified person in your area I’d say it’s worth a try if you don’t mind having your feet touched lol . Good luck , all the best to you .

    2. Rebekah: I too have a very sensitive stomach, though I'm not trying to have a child. One thing I've found helpful is the liquid-filled formula of ibuprofen. It never upsets my stomach but does give me a bit of relief on really bad days.
      Best wishes on your exciting journey! May God Bless you and your family

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