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Treatment OPTIONS

Which treatment options have worked or not worked for you?

  1. Great topic @granny56!

    For myself, biologics were the key to getting me back on my feet. I tried aquatic therapy and it was a total disaster and honestly just made me feel worse. I also take tramadol during flare ups to manage my pain. I've tried several different nerve medications, but had no luck with them. I had SI joint injections done once as well, but unfortunately those were a fail for me.

    I definitely find that moving my body helps, but sometimes too much movement can really mess me up. For example, I painted my son's room this past week and I guess all of the reaching and climbing up and down the ladder did me more bad than good leaving me in a flare. It can be tricky trying to figure out what works and what doesn't!
    -Katie, Team Member

    1. I will echo what, my friend, Katie has written. Biologics prescribed by a rheumatologist have made a big difference in my life. Less effective for me has been chiropractor care, massage therapy, and aquatic therapy. I have nothing against those treatments, I am only saying they did not work for me.
      rick - moderator

      1. Hi ,

        For me the first biologic that I was given has worked amazingly for me and I haven't had to try any other yet. It is called Benepali or Eternacept in the UK but if you are from the USA I believe they call it Enbrel. There are many other biologic options out there and I have heard many people say they have success with others too. Maybe have a conversation with a doctor or rheumatologist about which one they believe is right for you.

        Hope you find a treatment to help you soon!

        All the best,
        James (Community Member)

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