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Treatment for AS

I was diagnosed with AS in 2012. I've been prescribed nsaids like arcoxia, vimovo and they dont work anymore for me. Then i was prescribed dmard called methotrexate, self injection but I had adverse reactions. Now its suggested I use the biologic Humira, any thoughts?? Anyone on this?? Advice appreciated 😊

  1. Hi,
    Welcome to our community. Hope your feeling well today. I hope your new journey on Humira goes well and you find relief. I was on Humira for a while, but I had to get off as it didn't help me. But now on Cosentyx and I have seen improvement slowly. I would think biologics can help a lot, once you find the right one.

    Wishing you all the best and keep us updated,

    Nicky (Team Member)

    1. Humira works better for me than Cosentyx and I never had any side effects. I am not doing very well right now though , but my rheumatologist said my MRI showed that my spondylitis isn't inflamed right now. It was before. So I guess that makes it worth taking as it can help slow the progression. Right now I am dealing with the osteoarthritis.

      1. Hi again,

        I am happy to hear Humira is helping you with the inflammation. I know you are not feeling well right now. Sending you strength and wishing you for tomorrow to be a better day for you. Thinking of you!!!

        Nicky (Team Member)

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