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Tingling and numbness

Does anyone get really bad nerve pain in their lower back and legs ? Or do people sometimes loose the feeling in their legs ?

  1. I found a resource from the spondyloarthritis association that might help answer your question.

    I had/have significant nerve pain in my hip as a result of spinal stenosis. I had surgery in 2018 to relieve the stenosis, and it was mostly successful. It did help a great deal, but it is not perfect. I suggest you talk to your rheumatologist about this. My discussion with my rheumatologist started me on the road to finding relief.

    1. I have experienced both tingling and numbness in my lower back and legs and even my feet. It actually got so severe that I ended up in the hospital getting checked for MS, which I do not have. But this is where things get tricky in my case.

      I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia along with AS when this happened, which made total sense. I also have degenerative disc disease. Most recently, as in 8 months ago, we found out I have vein disease and may thurner syndrome which runs from my pelvic area to my feet. Any of these conditions could have caused the tingling and numbness I experienced. I also had a lot of weakness and heaviness, which I now know was my venous reflux.

      I do know many AS patients complain of tingling and numbness, so you are definitely not alone. It's just figuring out what exactly is the root cause that can be tricky sometimes! Hopefully you'll get more response here that will be helpful and answer your questions!

      -Katie, Team Member

      1. Yes I get tingling/burning/and a heavy weak feeling in my lower limbs. Not necessarily numbness. When this happens I stretch my lower back and hips first gently, working up to a deeper stretch. This has relieved it for me. Hope that helps!!!

        1. - I do, Naomi, in my lower legs They tell me I have neuropothy. I found a product that really helps me. I apply it to my knees and lower legs before I hit the sack at night and it really comes things down. It is called Outback Original Oil. Been using it for almost a year now. Google it. Good luck.

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