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2nd Generation AS Patients: Passing The Torch

Question for those with AS who have children who were also diagnosed:

How did you explain to your kid(s) what AS is and what to expect?

  1. I don’t have kids so I don’t have to worry about answering that to kids. I explained to my siblings as a back issue in which I feel a lot of pain. That it’s another auto immune disease. As I have ankylosing spondylitis

    1. Thanks for sharing that. When it comes to explaining to the kids in my life, saying "I have a bad back" is about all I feel I can give them.

  2. We talk about limitations mostly. As my son has gotten older, I've introduced more science into the conversation.

    But I also include him in conversations with my doctors. He's allowed to ask questions or voice concerns. I believe open communication is vital.

    ( Team Member)

    1. Brooke, that's so great and transparent and supportive. Does he have it?

  3. I have vitiligo, another auto immune disease. My son has had back problems since his 20’s and now has vitiligo. I just know he has AS and hate that for him. He has not been tested.

    1. Chuzzy,

      I do hope your son will find his way to a rheumatologist if he needs one. I am sure that with your help he will realize the need for an in depth consultation.

      Rick (Site Moderator)

  4. I just had a baby last year, and my husband has AS. I'm very nervous for her, and I'm not sure when we should get her tested for the genetic marker. I know girls are less likely than boys, but I still worry.

    1. Auldyn, I hear you. Do you want to test her for HLAB27 even without reason, or will you wait and see if she has symptoms? I don't have kids so I guess it must be tough. But even if she's positive, it may not express itself. I'm sorry you have this worry.

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